Essex Regattas - Tons of fun on the water!

What is anEssex Regatta?

An Essex Regatta is a promotional event that we put on for each and every one of our past and present Essex Customers. At these events we have many boating & athletic activities; from Boat Parades and Poker Runs to Family games and other sporting events, dinners and evening events - The bottom line is fun and games!

Essex Regattas - Tons of fun on the water!
Essex Regattas - Tons of fun on the water!

Once again, Essex Regatta filled the waterways of Lake Havasu, AZ on June 25, 2004. This year's event started off late afternoon Friday the 25th with registration and a complimentary Luau. Saturday the 26th started off with our driver meeting and then one of the largest Boat Parades on Havasu waters, which lasted more than 2 hours filling the waterways of Lake Havasu with a dazzling array of the most stunning boats out on the water.

After our incredible boat parade finished, we all gathered at Rotary Beach for a great party. The fun and games on the beach started before noon and continued into early evening. From water games to slides, complimentary BBQ to music and more, there was fun to be had by all ages. The Poker Run started at 1pm and continued until 3pm throughout the Lake Havasu waterways.

Essex's banquet dinner started out the night's event at the Aquatic Convention Center. After the banquet dinner, the activities began with a game show followed by assorted family games. In addition to all the games, thousands of dollars in cash & prizes were given away, and as a grand prize a 43" HD plasma tv!

Lake Havasu never looked as good as it did this weekend, when Essex Boats filled the waterways with a variety of stunning graphics and styles. The morning started off with Thompson Bay filled with Essex Boats hovering throughout, all gathering for the Essex Performance Boats boat parade through the London Bridge. This was quite a sight, and a great feeling being a part of such a tremendous crowd. As the Essex 29" Alandra lead boat cut through the crowd all other Essex Boats began to fall in line. Heading through the London Bridge, around the island and back to Rotary Beach. It was such a large parade that some of us were waiting on the beach for an hour before we fell in line. There were over 250 Essex Boats in the parade. The beach was filled with inflatable water toys, boats side by side and music cranked throughout the beach. It was a festive atmosphere.

Flying overhead was a helicopter snapping shots of the event, soon to be published in Hot Boat magazine. During the helicopter shoot, the poker run began and some boaters that were participating got a chance to get a running shot of their Essex in flight. Meanwhile back at the beach, a weenie roast was taking place - and man those were good hot dogs.

Men, women and children alike were cooling off on the water slides as well as other activities like a canoe race. But this was not a normal race. In this particular race one person navigates and the other paddles, what makes it difficult is that the person who paddles the boat is blindfolded. This is even harder than it looks. All and all the beach party was for everyone, from the active to the laid back. It was a great day!

Thousands of people flocked to Lake Havasu, Arizona on June 23rd to take part in the much-anticipated Essex Regatta 2000. Hundreds of Essex Boats filled the Lake Havasu waterways to attend a gathering all could be proud of. A poker run, boat parade, helicopter photo shoot, evening awards and giveaways were a few of the events going on throughout the weekend. Of course, most Essex Boat owners recognize it's not the games and prizes that brings them together; but the ability to meet up with other proud Essex Boat owners and spend time making new friends. Saturday morning started out with the Essex Boat parade. Over two hundred boats set course single file around the Island. Unfortunately, the local police wouldn't let the Essex Regatta Parade pass under the London Bridge. They claimed they didn't have the staff for the number of boats at that time of day. This brought us around to the other side of the Island and allowed us to take advantage of a special privilege. We used the wide-open waters for a helicopter photo shoot. It is not often you get to photograph your boat and family from a helicopter's perspective. (These photos are available by going to our photo gallery.) These photos are classic shots of beautiful Essex Boats flying through the water (and I mean that literally). Where were all these boats going? You guessed it, the infamous sandbar. A spot on the river where hundreds of boats and thousands of people can come together. On this day Essex dominated that little corner of the world. Firefighters, Police officers, Construction workers, Business people, you name it - were all able to shed their work moods and just get loose.

Meanwhile back at the Nautical, some chose to stay and take part in the kids' fun. Games, contests, water slides and much more were available to the Essex youngsters. If you were neither at the sand bar or the Nautical, then you must have been taking part in the poker run. What's a poker run you ask? Well, it's poker…boating style. You receive a map designating specific places on the river where someone awaits you. At each point they give you a playing card, and then you move on to the next location. After receiving all five cards, this is your poker hand. There are usually three prizes. The first prize hand for the Essex Poker Run totaled $2000.00.

Lake Havasu Arizona; home of the first Essex Performance Boats Regatta - (Regatta '98). For those of you who weren't there to enjoy the incredible experience, just imagine 160+ Essex Boats consuming the waters of Lake Havasu, showing off their beautiful boats as one big happy family.

We started at the Nautical Inn, one huge collage of Essex Boats following one another under the London Bridge, and all the way to the sand bar. At the sand bar, you could literally walk from one Essex Boat to the other without getting wet. The weekend was full of activities such as poker run, water volleyball, a scavenger hunt, pool races, children games and more. There was also an evening dinner party where we had tons of prizes and giveaways.

Fun would not completely describe Essex Regatta '98. You would also find a tremendous amount of pride, and a feeling of unity that is difficult to describe without actually being there. To all who did join us, thank you for making Essex Regatta '98 a great success.

And for the Essex owners who could not be there:
We hope to see you out there for Essex Regatta 2000.

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